Ballet Buns Don’t Have To Be Complicated

Ballet buns seem to scare people for some reason. We are not talking about the actual bun, itself. Actually, the right ballet bun looks amazing. It has a lot more to do with actually creating one that seems to put people off.

In this video, we walk you through the process of making the perfect ballet bun. This is the easiest method that we have found for you to follow step-by-step.

We also go over why we suggest certain products. These products are tried and work beautifully.

ballet bun

The products we use to make our ballet bun.

These are the products that we used in the video or that we normally use:

  • A hair brush to get out all of your tangles out and make your hair smooth. (We had to use a comb in the video, because we seemed to have misplaced the brush.
  • A boar’s hair brush (also known as a finishing brush) to get rid of all of those bumps that are still there.
  • A pony-tail holder
  • A bun builder (we used a large black one, but you can match it to your hair color and the size that you need)
  • Hair spray (We used and highly recommend Schwarzkopf Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray)

If you found this video useful, we have a video blog post about what to keep in your dance bag. You can find that post here.

Are you ready to make your ballet bun?

Leave us a comment below if you found this video post helpful. We would also love to hear if you do it differently.