As a dancer, you know that there are certain things you need with you at the studio. This especially true if you have more than none class (and those classes are on the same day). Check out the video below to see what is in Miss Sara’s dance bag.


This is what most dancers have in their dance bag:

  • water bottle
  • bandaids
  • deodorant
  • bobby pins in a container
  • hair ties in a container
  • ballet tights (more than one pair)
  • leotard (more than one)
  • dance skirt
  • dance sneakers
  • ballet slippers (possibly more than one pair)
  • jazz shoes
  • turning shoe or lyrical shoe (just for turning)
  • warm-up slippers
  • pointe shoes (toe protectors are optional in the bag because of the sweat created odor and bacteria)
  • socks

What do you keep in your dance bag? Comment below and let us know if we forgot anything or if you were inspired to add something.